Drones are viewed as a serious threat to public security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nonetheless, the country has created an opportunity for private individuals to import and fly drones legally. Avoid flying your drone directly over people or large crowds. Never fly your drone above 150 meters. In accordance to vision 2030 a new organization was born : ASRAB. It's mission was to make sure that all rules were followed when buying and flying drones and special operation licenses processes where executed fast with great user experience.

Saudis, Meet Asrab.

With a brand new look, it was time to re-introduce Asrab.

We partnered with Asrab to tell their story of “drone security in the nation” The national campaign focused on exactly what makes Asrab special: local shoppers shopping at specified stores, for drones, going above and beyond to get customers what they need.

We highlighted what Asrab does differently—putting customer service, reliability, and a human touch above all else. Ads ran across all channels, including TV, digital, social media, radio, and billboards. Ads were specially designed to target Saudis —and to promote international businesses, too.