ifly airlines

Ifly is the leading private helicopter and Jets company in Greece with an extensive modern fleet and over 13 years of active presence.The management came to Designco looking to modernize their presence, public messaging, branding and create a new identity that would serve them for the next decade. Along with that, a new online booking platform and several internal processes had to undergo a digital transformation.

A premium airline approach

We sat down with the core ifly team in several amazing discovery workshops that led to new ideas for a new intuitive website that offers immediate information to the public.

We learned about their customers, the company’s and the specific and quite often delicate needs of their clients.

Key areas like the fleet, company's heritage and various other key information for both travel agents and their high profile VIP clientele were enhanced.

In order to push forward the demanding ideas that have been pushed from our UX labs we had to rely on state of the art technology that could push both ifly's and Designco’s vision into reality.

The technology used was React combined with Framer front-end layer to create an amazing experience. The above paired with our cinematography and media, produced a result we are very proud of and had really being rendered with exquisite UX.