Ovit Security

Ovit was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing specialized and intergrated physical and unmanned security solutions. Today, the company is considered a pioneer in the security services arena having impressive multinational companies under its protection umbrella and hunders of employees around Europe. Companies like Leroy Merlin, Linde, Avis among other companies.

The blue rebranding

In 2022, Ovit Security was in need of a redesigned visual identity. And they needed an evolution, not a revolution. The goal was to make sure that the new design enabled better customer experiences and made Ovit stand out as one brand­ in all the different market verticals.

A visual language and colors and materials palette were developed to represent the new brand. The shade of blue that defined Ovit's visual identity was incorporated from the outset in the form of a blue brand wall, an arresting expression of the brand that is now a key feature of Ovit's guard uniforms, branches and vehicles.

The distinguishing elements of Ovit'sbranch interiors include the blue brand wall, located behind the teller line, and open consultancy desks with lifestyle banners and translucent privacy screens.