Rhodes Yachting

Rhodes Yachting has been a leader in creating wonderful yachting experiences in Rhodes Island, Greece. They are not the typical yachting agency people have in mind. In order for Rhodes yachting to create tailor-made trips, travel experts listen to what the customers want and then create a vacation that’s right for them and their budget. The userbase recently however, are demanding more digital experiences and more control over their purchases.

Where brand meets innovation

When Rhodes-Yachting approached us for a branding and user experience makeover one thing was certain:

It was clear that we we needed a digital ecosystem dedicated in booking the best yachting experience in Rhodes Connecting every part of the guests and crew experience, something that would allow users to explore the available yachts and even go one step further and brand every yacht they own along with a full-fledged media production, dedicated footage and mind blowing imagery. This way their clients know exactly what to expect and get a glimpse of the activities and fun they can experience on board.