Techniservu reached out to Designco with the challenge to stand out in a crowded and competitive market – with new shipyard providers disrupting the industry and long-time ship repair companies competing for space. At the heart of the Techniservu brand is the promise ‘Empowering Tommorow’. We worked with the Techniservu team to translate over 40 years of service to the naval world – transforming the brand’s digital experience across the board, adding value to every customer's journey and ultimately giving people a reason to choose Techniservu as their preferred shipyard company.

Translating 4 decades of ship repairs service into a digital Future.

To get a full picture of the heritage and essence of the Techniservu brand, we immersed ourselves in the world of Techniservu. We went to the archives, spent our days at their Perama repair base, did a secret observatory stroll thought the entire shipyard , met teams and empoyees across the whole business and witnessed their amazing skills in action while building an amazing structure over 40 days.

Back at the prototype room in our Athens office, where, with the Techniservu team, we explored the many ways we could translate the Techniservu brand into meaningful experiences across every customer’s journey.